Friday, July 17, 2015


Horse hair and pine needles...

Trefoil masquerading as ditch weeds.

I have a bumper crop of wild daisies.

This guy was almost as long as my thumb, I have no idea what it is.

There are more of these this year than I have ever seen.  I guess they like unending rain.

As do these.  I'm getting worried about the hay crop, I don't think the donkeys will be very understanding if I have to tell them that mushrooms are all that were available this year.


  1. They did manage to get some first cutting in around here. How many bales do you use each year?

    1. I used about 350 small bales (30lbs) last year. I have a guy who is supposed to be making hay for me this year, but the weather....I don't know anyone who has managed to make any amount of dry hay yet and it's already mid July. Worrisome.

    2. I have all of my dry hay in...all 60 tons. Our last day of cutting was June 6th. You have to cut while you can rather than waiting for the perfect day or else you'll be feeding pure lignin to your animals, which won't work out well. They will be rail thin by the springtime.

  2. Love the Indian Pipes! Wow! I need to go check the area of the woods were we usually see them ... I usually find them in August. Love the little fungi!
    Take care with those daisies, ox eye daisies spread like crazy and we continue to fight them in our pastures. They are pretty but no one eats them!

  3. Bird's nests are so amazing--all of that accomplished with just their little beaks. You are surrounded by so much beauty. Now, its time to pray for the hay crop.

  4. I'm worried about hay as well. We may be looking at a very tense and expensive winter.

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your photos Kris. These are so fab!!! I too am worried about hay crop..uggggggg