Monday, June 3, 2013

What the Camera Doesn't See

I tried to do a post for Sunday Stills this week, but the power and phone lines were out most of the day.  The phone is still dead, but oddly, my internet is working.  Go figure.

This week's subject was skies and given the crazy weather, I should have had lots of great sky photos.  It didn't work out that way though, the few I took were mediocre at best.  The most beautiful sky shot is one I can never quite manage to capture with the camera.

I took Tessa out for a ride this afternoon and found that elusive shot when we got caught in the rain.  One of those quick, hard showers with the full sun slanting in from the side, lighting up every part of the world.  Reflecting, refracting, bouncing off of every drop and dripping leaf.  Tiny sparkles and shimmers dancing on the impossibly green leaves.  The light and colors so brilliant, vibrant and sharp, you hardly dare move through them.  At the same time, the shimmering, shivering, sparkle demanding action and movement.  Wanting to remain a part of the living luminescence.  Riding through rainbows above, around us, getting tangled in every strand of dripping mane and leaping out from under every hoof.   

Some shots, the camera just doesn't see.


  1. There is always next week..:-))

  2. I agree. Sometimes the camera shows us extra things and sometimes we miss things with the camera to our eye.

  3. No kidding. That sounds beautiful. I've had to invest in a crush proof pocket camera and it still doesn't always get the true feeling does it?

  4. You are correct, the photo often doesn't catch the real look and feel of sky. I had that issue a lot with this challenge too!

  5. so beautifully written. no pixel image needed.