Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Border Collie Birthday

Farm Buddy has been sure to tell me, remind me, nag me, suggest and demand, for at least two weeks, that Kelsey get her day of blog fame seeing as how it's Kelsey's fourth birthday today, June 11th.  And no, I am not late with this post because I work nights and my life runs on DancingDonkey time, not eastern standard time.  It is still Kelsey's birthday according to DancingDonkey time.

Kelsey (aka, Kelsey-Bird, The bird, Squirrelly-girl) is not an easy dog to photograph, at least not for my very slow, battered old camera that has taken all the photos on this blog.  If I had a fancy camera that thinks quick enough to get good action shots, Kelsey would be a great subject.  She is the true epitome of Border Collie and is the living example of nearly every Border Collie stereotype ever uttered.  A quirky, intense, driven, hyper, sensitive and sweet little creature who, as long as she is awake, is always moving.  Even when she appears to be still, she is in fact a bundle of live wire ready to take on any job, be it chasing frisbees, corralling cattle or moving sheep.

Kelsey has been on the farm just over a year now and she loves it.  She wasn't cut out for the stress of herding competitions and life in a big, busy kennel with little personal one-on-one time.  She has thrived with the responsibilities of  farm work and frisbee combined with having her very own person and a place on the couch.

She has also been good for the boys, who both adore her.  Tanner, especially, likes Kelsey and the two of them play all the time, in their no-touching-or-wrestling-allowed BC way.  Tanner loves to play, but he doesn't like playing with most dogs because they want to touch him and that is not allowed in the BC Book of Rules and Regulations.

I think this is still my favorite picture of the Border Collie Brigade, it just sums them up so well.  That is Tanner on the right and Scout on the left and Kelsey, of course, always looking for a job.

Happy Birthday Kelsey-Bird


  1. Good job Kris! Next year, you will have to get a video of Kelsey ripping up her birthday cardboard box! Now you will have a couple of months of rest until it is time to get ready for Scout's birthday!

  2. I was just reading this: http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/recommended-cameras.htm, from the 7msn blog. Something I've been meaning to read for ages. Ken Rockwell says, among a million other useful things, that it doesn't matter what kind of camera you have, or what state it's in as long as you're passionate about your subject. Whatever state your camera is in, it's clear that you really see and love your subjects and all your pictures show it. (not that it wouldn't be nice to have a super new camera... just sayin') :)

  3. Happy Birthday Kelsey! A very fine girl you are and nice to properly make your acquaintance :) We enjoyed hearing about the BC rulebook!

  4. Happy Birthday, Kelsey! What fun dogs they all are!

    If I remember correctly, Tanner and Scout are related? How old are they?

    1. Yes, Tanner and Scout are litter mates and they are ten years old now.

  5. What beautiful kids!! I've always wanted to watch the trials where BCs herd sheep in precision, but I'm glad Kelsey no longer has the stress of that life. Sounds like she's found the perfect place!

    Nancy in Iowa

  6. :) Happy Birthday, Kelsey, and congratulations on escaping the competitions circus and finding the perfect home!

    Kris, I absolutely love how you write about an animal's personality!
    And, what, you take such beautiful pictures with an old, battered camera? Chapeau!

  7. Just so you all know, even though Kelsey does not compete in trials, she LOVES to work both sheep and cattle, and she does this job EVERY day during the grazing season (May through October). She is great and especially has a breathtaking outrun. I keep bugging Kris to get a video of her in action, but she has not had a chance yet. Right now, the grass is tall, but maybe when it is clipped in July, Kris can get a great video of Kelsey working sheep.

  8. Happy Bithday and Bark on Kelsey !
    We love border collies.

  9. You have one happy looking birthday girl...and two boyfriends.