Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Stills - No Zoom

This week's challenge was simply to take pictures without using the zoom, easy enough for the most part, I seldom use the zoom.  Although, a bit of zoom would have been nice around this fellow.  He is not someone to turn a back on or mess with and a good dog as backup is a must.
All of these were taken this month, but not necessarily this week as it just won't stop raining again.

How does this area celebrate the anniversary of the historic flooding we saw in 2006?
  With more flooding of course.

It wasn't as bad here or as widespread, but a lot of folks just north of here are having a tough time.  

This is the third time in ten years that we have seen flooding in these areas and they are not flood plains or areas prone to flooding - at least they weren't ten years ago.

There are many times when I bemoan my geographical location.  The wind does howl and the snow does blow.

But the floods can't reach us here and, for that, I am grateful.


  1. Excellent shots, love that forest pic best.:-)

  2. When my grandmother was running cows in southern New Mexico, she said the grass was belly deep to a horse. By the 1940's it was desert. So, I've never seen grass like that. Is this the "grass hay" that you put up?

    1. Yes, at least the bit you see in this picture. My fields have more weeds than grass so they are not worth mowing for hay. Most off the grass visible here is orchard grass.

      What caused the shift from grass to desert in your area?

  3. I use a 50mm lens which doesn't zoom at all.

    You can get great shots with a fixed lens.

    Love these...beautiful.

  4. All great shots! :)

  5. Beautiful photographs! And Ramsey has become such a handsome fellow.

    Nancy in Iowa

  6. Lovely series and a nice commentary to go with them although I'm sorry your area is suffering from flooding again :-(
    I think the tree shot is my favourite too

  7. All the photos are terrific. Love the picture of the trees.

  8. Excellent flower photos! Mine are never as good.
    Do you think that Mr. Ramsey will always have bushy eyebrows? I love them!

  9. Wonderful set of photos.

  10. Flooding there, drought here. Boo.

  11. I keep coming back to this lovely set of photos. I think Ramsey looks particularly sweet-natured and "pensive" in the last two. (But I also thought the handsome bull looks "cuddly" - oops!) The little white flower framed by the big green leaves, so lovely!