Sunday, April 21, 2013

Random Revue

It's been a busy weekend.  Dinner with friends (twice no less!), foot trimming, riding, shoveling, hiking, unexpected visitors...It may not feel like it, but it must be Spring.  My couch is calling to me and I realized recently that I have only gotten to actually sit on my couch a handful of times since last Fall.  We are due an hour or two of quality time.  Meanwhile, please enjoy a random assortment of Spring farm photos....

Ramsey's first chestnut, thin as tissue paper...

Meeting of the Boy's Club.

I can't wait to try my new swimming pool...

Tanner can't either.


  1. Replies
    1. Frog eggs although I don't know what kind. Whatever kind lays their eggs in puddles instead of ponds.

  2. Those reflections are amazing and love the look on Tanner's face! That is content (or is it annoyed - LOL). So are those frog eggs?

    1. I think that is much time wasted on donkeys! And yes, frog eggs.

  3. That egg shot is wild. They must be frogs?

  4. The chestnut is so sweet! The Mini's one is still the same as this, it's so delicate, it feels like the softest leather.

    Hope Spring brings some welcome respite :-)

  5. Nice photos! It almost looks like fall in some of those shots.

  6. That chestnut is so tiny! You're lucky, my minis' don't really have enough to peel off. Great photos, as always. Btw, holler if you'd like riding company one day!