Sunday, April 28, 2013


It's been a week of milestones, big and small.  This will be my 500th blog post, which rather caught me by surprise, I hadn't been paying attention.  It seems like a lot when I look at the number.  When did that happen anyway?  Also, my little whim of a blog hit 130,000 page views, which really seems like a lot, wow.  Thanks for sticking with me folks, and just think, if I only had a dollar for every page-view....:)

The real, true milestone though is this....

Can you tell what this is?  Other than a crappy picture of a bad donkey chewing on a rope....

...or a tree...

...or each other?

This, is two happy donkeys going for their first hike in the woods since Ramsey got hurt!  YAY!  Now that's a real milestone.


  1. So many good wishes and congratulations are being sent your way . . . and to all your furry kids too! :-)

  2. That is a great milestone! They appear to be enjoying themselves too!

  3. are they tethered together to keep Ramsey from straying Di

  4. Congratulations!!! On the 500th blog post, on 130,000 page views, and, oh happy day, on this first hike since...! You can be so proud of all three of these achievements. Nursing Ramsey back to health (and taking care of your other furkids, and working...) while at the same time keeping us posted (literally) - I don't know how you found the time and energy and think it's truly admirable.

    A dollar for every page view? Would cost me about 90 bucks a month (yeah, I'm a daily 'repeat offender') and I couldn't afford it, so, thank you for bringing your wonderful "little whim of a blog" to us for free! ;)

  5. Congrats on all the milestones. You inspired me to go back and read from the beginning of your donkey tale. What a couple of years you've been through! I'm so glad I get to follow along now.

  6. Congratulations on 500 posts, once you get going on a blog it takes on a life of it's own.

  7. Congrats on all the milestones, I agree, tho, that the two sound donkeys is the best of all