Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Needed That

We finally, finally had a real Spring day here.  It was wonderful.  I even did some sunbathing, or as close as I will ever get.  I sat in the sun on the tool box outside of the barn.  Ramsey came and put his head over my shoulder and made silly little snoring noises in my ear as I scratched his belly.  Emma put her head over my other shoulder and bit Ramsey's neck as I scratched her's.  The horses went out into the field and pretended to graze on winter remnants.  My poor dog sat and watched with his newly defrosted Frisbee, wondering why anyone would want a donkey.   Later, I took him for a long walk in the woods and he played in the creek.

It was a short day, I had to leave early to drop off tax papers on my way to work.  Rain, wind and snow are on their way for the rest of the week.  But oh, the sun felt good.  I really needed that.

Thank you for all of the kind comments, I guess I needed that too.  And Shelley, I will try to get some more videos for you, just as soon as the sun comes back again:)


  1. So glad Kris that you and the critter kids finally got a chance to warm your bones with the beautiful spring sun. Had sunshine here in No. Calif. but with gale force winds!! So bad had to cancel our trail ride planned for this am but we'll be back in the saddle tomorrow. Took a little while to pick up branches and debris this morning and put the yard back together. Spring has Sprung! Hooray!!

  2. Love a bright day when the weather is nice, the animals are happy, and everything seems just to click.

  3. We had a couple of days of lovely warm weather here in SW Iowa, then last night the storm blew in! Rained hard and furiously, and the wind was strong, loud and vicious. Kept me awake until after 4:30am! And now weather.com predicts snow showers for tomorrow and Thursday - when will Spring come to stay?

    Nancy in Iowa

  4. Great shot of the milkweed and isn't it amazing how sun can perk one's spirit up, both human and animal!

  5. I love the sun, it truly makes me feel better.