Wednesday, January 30, 2013

One boy...

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions about Gabe.  Some of the suggestions, such as working them together, are great ideas and are things I have been wanting to do anyway.  I have hopes that I will be able to take both Emma and Ramsey out riding with us at some point and they all need to be able to work together to do that.

I may try to start taking Gabe and Tessa on some of our short hand-walking sessions.  For now, I think it is the best I can do, at least until Ramsey's foot no longer needs to be bandaged and he and Emma are no longer confined to the barn most of the time. 

Ramsey's care still takes up nearly all of my time and energy.  The little bit left over goes into keeping everybody fed, watered, and healthy.  There are just not enough hours....The horses have certainly been a bit neglected over the last few months as a result.   I devoutly hope that it won't go on like this for too much longer, but I can't back off of Ramsey's medical care now.  The vets at Cornell told me when I agreed to the surgery that his aftercare and recovery would be prolonged and extensive.  They were so very right.  

I think what Gabe needs more than anything is a steady job.  He is just a couple of months shy of his 6th birthday.  He's a young, energetic, healthy boy in his prime, suffering from the boredom of winter and lack of exercise.  If he had steady employment, the thrill of donkey chasing might not be so alluring.  Unfortunately, I am just spread too thin right now to give him the work he needs. 

Every time I look at Gabe I am reminded of an old farmers saying, do any of you remember this:

One boy is a whole boy
Two boys are half a boy 
Three boys are no boy at all. 


  1. Interesting saying, I've never heard that before.
    I know things are tough and you're stretched at the moment, but you are SO getting there with Ramsay's foot. Chin up, there's light at the end of that tunnel!

  2. It appears that you are in the middle of a wide learning curve here! I think you're right. Ramsey first. And you must be really over extended energy wise with the winter and all the nursing.
    I love your 'family' of followers. I'm so glad I'm one of them!

  3. I have not ever head of the song.....But I had three boys to raise, and so very true! HAHAHA.

  4. I know how you feel about time for all your boys - I'm currently facing a year off riding for health reasons. And it sucks.

    BUT, it's become evident that my boys are working out solutions and new routines for themselves and so will yours. It just takes time & patience, and your stellar work with Ramsey proves you obviously have both, so PLEASE cut yourself some slack! xx

  5. I know what it is like to have to take time off for health reasons and it does suck. At least you have a donkey to play with:)