Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Update #?

I know things are getting just a little too crazy around here when I have to go back and read my own blog posts in order to remember where I left off.  That's where we're at.  However, today is a new day and things are going a bit better.

The vet was out to see Tessa yesterday afternoon.  She could not find any foreign objects in the puncture wound and we are all a bit puzzled as to why this rather insignificant wound has caused so much trouble.  I personally believe that there is a strain of bacteria that has infected the soil in this region that is far more aggressive and resistant to treatment then normal.   I feel that Tessa's reaction and Ramsey's pedal osteitis could be related.  They are in fact only the latest  (and in Ramsey's case most severe) foot problems in a long string of problems that I am aware of in this area in the past three years.  Regardless, Tessa is better today.  She is on the same antibiotics ad anti-inflammatory as Ramsey and she seems to be responding well to them.  I am watching her VERY carefully and if she does not continue to improve I will take other action.

After dealing with Tessa yesterday, I went to Cornell to see Ramsey (and from there to work.  Is it any wonder I can't remember where I am?).  He had another set of x-rays done and they look good.  I have been thinking about this all night and I think that I should try to bring Ramsey home as soon as possible.  The vets were concerned yesterday that he might have been regressing, but the x-rays and other tests show just the opposite.  After spending quite a bit if time with him myself, I think that he is lonely and tired.  While he certainly gets a great deal of attention, he is spending almost all of his time in a 12x12 stall that he is too short to see out of.  Also, the lights are on 24 hours a day and there are people around all the time, checking him every hour.  It didn't really matter when he was so heavily medicated, but now he needs more sleep and he needs companionship.  He needs to get out of the hospital so he can heal. 

I will be speaking the Dr. Walker this evening.  Hopefully, I'll be bringing Ramsey home tomorrow.


  1. I think you are on the right track with the lonely and the tall pen Ramsey can't see out of, he is so used to being able to see the other animals and he probably is really lonely. I hope to get to see both of you soon. Take care.
    Diana RR

  2. "there's no place like home". You will all be more settled when Ramsey comes home. These decisions are like untangling yarn..but once you've freed the knot, everything is clear. Are donations still coming in?

  3. I think you are right. At some point every recuperating patient needs to be home. Staying in the hospital becomes counter-productive. Being happy is a large part of healing. He's well enough now to be unhappy in the hospital. Time to come home and lay on the couch and watch TV. (Figuratively, unless you have a really big couch.)

  4. My antennae went up when you said lights on 24/7 - I'd really try to get him home. Had that situation once in my barn and it was not good -

    good luck!

  5. Yes! Bring that baby home- I know you'll both be so relieved to continue his healing at home, with his human momma and his Emma momma!

  6. Oh, yes! It's so often recommended to take human patients home to recuperate once they no longer need intensive medical care that it must be true of animals, especially one with as much personality as Ramsey. I know I'd heal better from anything without constant, busy humanity and lights!! Not to mention not being able to see anything - all of that would be terribly depressing. All of you will be happier once he's home. And your thoughts about the soil - have you talked to your county extension office? Or the people at Cornell? I know they have a fantastic College of Agriculture. An old friend of mine worked there for years before he retired - he worked on some sort of potato field testing that took him to Florida every year. And my Dad went to Cornell for a couple of years in the 30s before he ran out of money.

    Nancy in Iowa

  7. Poor little Ramsey is Home Sick, plus his sleep cycle is being disturbed. He's a baby, misses his mom and you. Assuming you have all his meds, I'd completely agree that being home with all the smells and sounds and creatures around him would be great therapy. It would be good for his mental outlook. Animals/people = we're all the same.