Friday, November 16, 2012


I had intended to keep Emma and Ramsey separated by my stall rails.  After all, he had been successfully weaned and Emma was drying off well.  I thought it would be safer for Emma and easier to deal with Ramseys medical needs that way.  However that didn't last long.  When Ramsey, who is now 37 inches tall, tried to jump over the 60 inch wall, hurt foot and all and Emma immediately started making milk again, I gave up.  I bow once agin to the wisdome and knowing of donkeys and I will find a way to deal with it.  "Dealing with it" could be to motto of my life, that and the beleif in perseverance.The comfort and contact will be good for both Emma and Ramsey.  Their seperation was traumatic for all of us and we will heal better together.

The only real downside is that now Emma is going to have to stay incarcerated with Ramsey all the time rather then trading off babysitting duty.  In essence, I now have two donkey confined to stall rest for the next two months.  I do hope that in a few days, they will relax more and once again feel safe enough to allow a little distance.

Meanwhile, they are now more inseparable then ever.  Prior to his trip to Cornell, Ramsey had been developing a lot of independence and it was not unusual to see him and Emma at opposite ends of the field.  I tried to let Emma out for a bit this afternoon, but this is as far as she got...

"Why won't you open this gate and let my kid out?  It's a beautiful Fall day, we should be OUT."

"I'm sorry Em, I wish I could, but he has to stay in and heal."

"I guess that means I'm just going to have to have my morning nap in the sun right here."

"At least I have my baby back."

"It sure is hard being an only-donkey.  This is MUCH better"

We're in for the long, hard part now.  Ramsey is getting twice daily meds, needs his bandage changed every other day, he has to be hand-walked four times a day for the next two months and the stall has to stay clean and absolutely dry all the time.  He goes back to Cornell in four weeks for a checkup barring any trouble before then.

This is reminiscent of a time almost ten years ago when my, then, 8 month old border collie had to have shoulder surgery.  The vets sent him home and told me to keep him quiet for 8 weeks.  Those are two months best not remembered.  Still, Tanner and I made it through that, Ramsey and I will make it through this.  I hope.

If there is a silver lining to this, it is you my dear readers, friends and neighbors.  You incredible people have sent me $5000 towards Ramsey's vet bills which are just shy of $7000 right now.  I simply never imagined such a thing.  I would never have known that my animals, my little stories, and what to me is an ordinary life, would touch so many people from all over the world.  Who knew? 

Thank You.


  1. Aaah, but you are loved you see!!! And there is the sweet little dude that everyone has fallen IN love with. So happy to see everyone together again! I hope to see you soon, Diana RR

  2. Great to see Ramsey home! As he starts to feel better, having Emma with him will keep him out of mischief. And having someone who loves you near when you aren't feeling well always helps you get better quicker!

  3. Phew! Such good news! I wouldn't worry about Ramsey and Emma hanging out together - it's just what they need. I'm sure Emma will follow when you hand walk Ramsey and get her exercise that way. Your stall area looks fantastic - roomy and bright - great place to heal! I wish I could come and help you! hugs from the west coast of Canada!

  4. I think we're all breathing a cautious sigh of relief. Steve

  5. Keep a puppy quiet for 8 weeks? I can only imagine. Your barn does look pristine and very cozy....or should we call it The Infirmary?
    I wish I too could come and help. Maybe you could get an occasional human babysitter while Em went for trail rides.
    Thanks Kris for taking time to update must be short on time and you're probably still tired.
    Is Ramsey nursing now that Emma's making milk again?

    1. That is the whole reason I couldn't keep them apart. Ramsey was so desperate to nurse, he'd have torn the barn down to get at the milk bar. He is pretty ruthless about it:)

    2. I saw that one comming, at 3 months he NEEDS his mommy! :-)

    3. Yeah, it was foolish to even try, but Emma HATES being locked up more than anything in this world. It's gonna make for a loooong two months.

  6. It is soooo good to see Ramsey home and with his momma! I know you will all be better off, even though you have at least 2 months of extra work ahead of you. How Ramsey has grown - he looks almost as big as Emma.

    I am so proud of your readers for the wonderful financial help you are getting. I wish with all my heart I could also donate, but with just Social Security I'm having enough trouble trying to save money for my coming move to Savannah to be near my daughter and grandson (who is 3 today, and once again celebrating without me!). Just know you are in my heart and good wishes are sent out to the universe for you every day!

    Nancy in Iowa

  7. So sweet! Wish I could make those two months fly by!!

  8. Restores your faith in humanity, how people came through for you. Bloggers are the most amazing people. So good to see the bad boy home and with his, ah....milk bar! Now your work is about to begin. Best of luck with that, and that NOTHING else happens!

  9. Ramsey and Emma,together! Oh my, it's a wonderful world!!

  10. I am so very glad he is home! The pictures surely told the whole story of a mother's love, even a dimunitive donkey! Your barn is so wonderful, you're very lucky to have it.

  11. Delrene in Carlsbad, CaliforniaNovember 18, 2012 at 6:34 PM

    Lots to be thankful for. I am so happy for all the family, both 2 legged and four!!! Your blog is wonderful. Beautiful barn for recuperation....