Monday, November 12, 2012

On The Trail With Emma

Good news!  Ramsey is coming home Tues afternoon, I'll have the camera ready.  Stay tuned.

We had so much fun riding with Emma yesterday that we had to do it again today.  I hardly had a choice about it, Emma was at the gate waiting to go all day.

"Would you get moving here.  I'm ready to GO."

"Hold your horses Em, you know you have to get dressed properly first."

"Those posts are doing a perfectly good job of holding the horses, get this gate open and lets go!"

"Finally!!  Want to join us for a ride in the woods.  It's FUN!"

"Hey Em, you appear to be having a wardrobe malfunction."
"Sheese Ma, don't you know anything about fashion?!  This is the off-the-shoulder look.  It's what all the fashionable donkeys are wearing this Fall.  It is going to go very nicely with Ramsey's leg warmer."


  1. And the video camera! I can't wait to see the reunion :-D. Love the trail rides!

  2. Looks like you guys need to be on the ball to keep up with Emma. Showing the big fellas how its done

  3. Everyone seems like they are having a lot of fun on these outings. I bet Ramsey will have a blast after his foot heals.

  4. Love to see these videos...what were the stone walls from?