Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Step In the Right Direction

I went to see Ramsey again, he is doing wonderfully.  They are switching him over to oral antibiotics which is a big step in the right direction toward coming home.  He gets to go for short walks now and, while he is still quite lame, it doesn't stop him from wanting to race up and down the halls.  Lord, what fun he could have in there!  And what havoc he would wreck.  I can just picture the herd of earnest, young vet students billowing in his wake as he darts and weaves through the rooms and aisles of Cornell. 

The thing about Ramsey is that, he really is irresistible.  Every single person we met in the hallways took one look at him, broke into a huge smile and just had to get their hands on him no matter what they were doing or where they were going.   He even sidetracked a whole group of about twenty people taking a tour.  Cornell's large animal hospital is an impressive place, but it can't hold a candle to a certain little brown donkey.  Ramsey simply accepts it as a given that everyone loves him and, even if it's against their better judgement, everyone winds up doing just that.

We're still on track for bringing him home on Monday.  Dr. Walker is going to walk me through his last bandage change and I am going to meet with the farrier there to discuss his foot trimming.   I keep thinking I must have messed this up along the way somehow for this to have happened.  The vets have all been adamant though that I haven't and rationally, I know they are right.  Looking back, the only thing I might have done differently was to get him to Cornell sooner.  However, it would not have changed the outcome.  Somehow, bacteria got into his foot and attacked the bone.  From there, there are only two options: euthanasia or surgery.  It's all or nothing.

I chose to go all out.  Others may have chosen differently and I can't say they would have been wrong.  From an economic stand point, my decision makes no sense.  However, once I knew that Ramsey could be saved and would have a good chance of recovering, I could not let money be the deciding factor.   Euthanasia is both a responsibility and a gift that we animal owners can and should bestow when called for.  The overwhelming sense of relief and peace that I felt when I decided to try and save Ramsey, makes me know that I made the right choice this time.   

The unexpected and incredibly generous outpouring of support from all of you tells me that you too, must feel some of that relief and peace.  I certainly hope so as it is a rare gift to know so absolutely, that one has made the right decision.  I have received $3800 in donations.  There really is just something irresistible and special about this one pesty baby...


  1. I just LOVE little Ramsey and I'm so happy he is coming home! Diana RR

  2. What wonderful news Kris! So glad to hear that he's doing so well. Looks like he's made himself many friends during his stay in sick bay. He's such a character -- how could anyone not love him. I know the medical bill is astronomical but I would have done the same and have done so with my dogs when I knew I couldn't afford the expense. When there is hope, you do what you have to do for one of your own. :-) Looking forward to more encouraging news and his return home to you and Emma.

  3. You chose well, Kris. Thank you for that new video of Ramsey. I'm so looking forward to the Homecoming and the recovery posts.

  4. And the good news continues :-)
    I love that video, donkey moms have to put up with SO much!

  5. I wish I could be a little mouse in the yard when Ramsey comes home - I'd love to see the reactions of Mom and Baby when they are reunited!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  6. More good news! Ramsey home tomorrow, fingers crossed!

  7. Praise the Lord and bless your big heart!

  8. So happy to hear his good news of coming home to both his Mama's. Bet their will be lots of braying and catching up!.
    Glad he is improving everyday.

  9. Your decision to save Ramsey is a gift to all donkeys! Your big heart will have a huge ripple effect on others, human and animals. Having animals in our care is a big responsibility and you have accepted this with great generosity.

    Looking forward to news of Ramsey's reunion with Emma!

    Hats off to you, Kris!