Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Unauthorized Excursions

I tried to take poor, long-suffering Tanner for a quick walk this afternoon.  It was going to be a short walk, with a bit more promised later, as I had to get back and change Ramsey's bandage.  Riding Buddy comes up to help with this procedure so I had to be back in time.  I decided to let Ramsey enjoy the brief time in his playpen and this is how I left them....

I only made it about five hundred feet down the trail when I heard a large animal running through the woods followed by a very loud baby-bray.

It was my fault, as usual.  I had dropped the yard fence earlier so I could take Ramsey for his first walk of the day and, of course, forgot to put it back up.  After nearly a week of incarceration, Emma just couldn't resist the lure of a jaunt in the woods, baby or no.... 

Of course, she also didn't want to get too far away from Ramsey so she didn't go far.  She zoomed around the pond, through the woods, back to the house, around the pond and through the woods some more.  Bucking, kicking, leaping all the way.  Not that you can tell that from any of my photos as the only ones that are decipherable are the rare moments when she was still.  The rest just look like a blurry shape flying through the trees. 

Kind of makes me wonder about all those Big Foot sightings.  Maybe it's really just a stray donkey playing in the woods. 

Oh well, at least one of us had some fun and got some exercise today....

along with a few nibbles of the tender, young grass seed I threw down around the pond.

Oh yeah, and I got to hear several more renditions of Ramsey's newest bray.  You know...it was that second video I posted the other day.  That was the short version of his mournful, desolate, please-please-don't-abandon-the-baby bray.  He can keep that sound up for an amazingly long, drawn-out time and, I kid you not, it comes complete with quivering lips.  Yup, it's gonna be a long two months.    


  1. Yeah...the quiver, that always breaks you down! :)
    Diana RR

  2. I just KNEW those little lips would be quivering! Sweet Emma...still a little girl who needs to play!

  3. Well, maybe the ground will freeze up and be safe/dry for him to run around a little at some point too :-).

  4. Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving from Winnipeg, Canada....Blessings Francine.

  5. Every good mother needs to have a break now and then. :-)
    Has Emma ever shown any aggresion against Tenner?

    1. She and Tanner have a sort of truce worked out. He keeps his distance and she ignores him. Although she is always aware of him. They will not go out on walks together, they both absolutely refuse. Emma will, and has, gone after strange dogs. I just might pity the poor coyote who came into her pasture. She has tried to stomp the cat as well. I can't say as I blame her for that though. That danged cat WILL NOT leave the donkeys alone. Stomping her would be an act of self defense. I try to discourage it anyway though.