Friday, June 1, 2012

Trusting Emma

I finally spoke with the vet who has the special ultrasound machine this afternoon.  The only problem is that she doesn't think it will work on Emma because she is too small.  After a great deal of discussion and consultation with other vets, we have decided that she will come out this weekend if the baby has not arrived and examine Emma. The main concerns are:
  1. The baby is stuck and can not move into the birth canal.  If this happens, true labor will never start.  Emma will continue on as she has until the baby dies.
  2. The baby is still working towards a normal delivery.  It's movement as it gets into position is triggering the false labor episodes.
  3. The baby is still premature and is not actually due yet.  The false labor and the very early signs of foaling that I have been seeing for many weeks are actually signs that she is on the verge of aborting.  If this is true, the longer she holds out the better. 
  4. All of this is perfectly normal, just very exaggerated because of Emma's youth and small stature.

For me, after the troubles and frustrations this week and after getting 4 different answers from 4 different vets, I have about had it with all of them.  I will stick with the plan to have her checked this weekend.  But, I have decided to put my trust in a wiser source; I will watch and listen to my donkey.  She is young, but she carries with her the instinctive wisdom of all mothers.  I will hope that help will come if we need it, but I won't count on it.  I will put my faith in Emma and hope that I can be enough if she needs help. 

Emma remains happy and content, with bright eyes, a good appetite and mostly normal behavior.  This, above all, is what I find reassuring.  The only real behavioral change I have noted in her is that she wants to stay very close to Tessa and becomes worried if she can't find her.  This is unusual for her, but Tessa has always been her surrogate mother and her protector.  It makes sense that Emma would want her near during this anxious time. 

Emma says she is OK.  For now, I choose to believe her.



  1. Hi Chris...It's me, Elva's friend. I have been reading through your blog and enjoy it. I have to say that after reading all the posts I am very anxious to see what happens with Emma! I'll keep reading! Glad to see you are well. Maybe I'll see you sometime when I'm in your neck of the woods, and I'll be able to meet Emma and Tessa. And hopefully a new baby donkey! :-)

  2. Emma knows best! ((hugs))

  3. Thinking positive thoughts for your sweet Emma.