Friday, June 15, 2012

A couple questions

I have been getting lots of email about the donkey roping situation.  I really think we are making progress.  The feedback I have been getting definitely indicates that they are on the defensive.  I have gotten a couple of questions that I don't have good answers for so I thought I would post them here and see what we get:

Q: I saw a poster for the event that listed sponsors whose names I copied down. But now I am unable to find the poster again! Any chance you have seen it and have a link to it? I've written to quite a few.

My answer:  I think I saw this poster in a group of donkey roping photos that were circulating.  I tried to go back and check this and copy the link to post and guess what....they are now password protected and unavailable (that seems like a sign of progress to me).  Does anybody have this information?

Q: I am trying to find out what happened to the beautiful little sweetheart in the photo that was with the story about this gruesome and cruel “sport” in Texas called “donkey roping.”  Do you happen to know?

This photo has been circulating all over the web.
My answer: I think that the first time I saw this photo, the caption said this donkey was in the custody of a rescue group.  I am really not sure though and I too would like to know what happened to this donkey. 

 If anybody has any answers, please let me know.  Thanks!

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