Monday, June 18, 2012

We Aren't Done Yet

The Van Horn, Texas rodeo is coming up this weekend on the 23rd.  I think we still have a good chance of stopping the donkey roping part of this event, but we need to keep up the pressure.  Morning Bray farm passed this info to me and  I thought it worth sharing (please remember to be polite, we lose all credibility if we use abuse to try stopping abuse).... 

The Van Horn City Council meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm. TOMORROW (June 19) is the 3rd Tuesday of June.

Here is a listing of the Van Horn City Officials and email:

Mayor: Okey D. Lucas -

Mayor Pro Tem: Gilda Morales -

Alderperson: Mingo Corralez -

Alderperson: Nuny Morriss -

Alderperson: Pam Young -

City Administrator: Fran Malafronte -

Please email them and ask them (civilly) to please cancel the donkey roping competition in this Saturday's Van Horn Rodeo.

Remind them that that Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue; America’s largest donkey rescue, is ready, willing and able to take in all the Van Horn roping

On behalf of the donkeys, thank you

Me again....

For more info on Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue copy this link:

Peaceful Valley took in over one thousand abandoned donkeys last year and are likely to match that again this year.  They could use any help you can give them. 

Next, is an iReport submitted to CNN.  If it gets enough support CNN will run it.  I don't think I need to tell you how much pressure a report on CNN could bring (I don't even own a television, but even I know who CNN is:)  Please follow this link and at the bottom of the page, click on the green button.

And last, but most definitely not least, Emma and Tessa would like to offer an example of proper inter-species relations involving donkeys....


  1. Which it's "the screen name" they ask to sing in CNN. I just wanted to singed it...

    1. I just tried this from this link, they are asking you to sign up on CNN in order to vote. The screen name is something you make up yourself.

  2. Can't see the video :( it's says it's private.

  3. Thanks, Kris. We've heard that folks are having trouble with three of the email addresses because of the "mailto:" in front of them. If you have a minute to fix those, the email links will work. Love the video! They know exactly how to position themselves to tell each other where they want to be scratched, (although I'll bet Tessa is wishing Emma had a stepstool).

    1. Thank you for pointing that out. The "mailto" doesn't show up in the editor and I stared at those 3 emails until I thought my eyes would bleed trying to figure out what was wrong with them. They worked for me when I copy and pasted them in my emails. That's where sleep deprivation and too much juggling will get you:)

      You are right about Tessa wishing for the step-stool as well. I thought about titling the video, "You scratch my back, I'll scratch as high as I can reach" but it just didn't sound right.

  4. Thanks for sharing the video. It made me smile! I wonder how they know where each other's "itchy" spots are?

  5. First thanks for the lovely respite in the video. Makes my heart feel great. All the typing, calling and typing again has been hectic. I appreciate this post and thank you for your efforts in this fight, and that is what it is. Money vs the right thing to do. 2nd thanks for including the link to my CNN article. I hope we get enough interest that they actually will air something about Van Horn. And here's one more idea. If you'd like to contact real ordinary folks in Van Horn and let them know how ugly all of this looks to the world there is a business directory for Van Horn right on your browser search....just type in business Van Horn Texas....churches, restaurants, gas stations etc. It could help, who knows.
    I sure hope that it does. Oma Linda

    1. I am glad to do it, I just hope it all helps. Glad too that you enjoyed the video.

    2. U ppl are completely misinformed. This guy takes great care of his animals! The picture u posted of that donkey isn't even his! The donkeys are in great hands and u ppl have nothing better to do with ur time than make others lives miserable! He saved those animals from slaughter and are in much better shape than when he got them! Van horn is a town of cowboys and ranchers who care about their animals. What good is a mangled up animal to them? He uses the donkeys to help train his younger horses and only includes them in rodeos to help pay for feed and anything else they need! Van horn has never done donkey roping before so don't make us out as donkey abusing monsters! U should have a talk with the van horn supporters on ur side about how donkey roping was bad but they didn't bat an eye when they played donkey basketball! Sounds a little more inhumane to me than a 30 second run and lasso! Talk to the KGGF about that one! They threw this poor guy and organization under the bus just because they wanted to protect their image!

  6. I hope they do not do the donkey roping....I AM PRAYING very hard....The video of Emma and Tessa was just adorable! I chuckled when Emma turned her behind to Tessa! Star does that to me...and Buddy too...they love their behinds scritched on! :))

  7. I have sent Emails. I hope they do the right thing. This is so cruel, my heart breaks for those little sweet donkeys.

  8. The town has cancelled the donkey roping event!!!!

  9. I'm one of few residents in this town and I support you and thank you.

  10. To Alderperson Morris and Alderperson Young,
    On Monday or Tuesday June 25th or 26th you will be receiving in the mail a certified letter from me, with a request for an agenda item for the next council meeting on July 10, 2012.
    It is the filled out form, in compliance with your own city code requirement, for the city of Van Horn to prohibit all donkey roping events.
    This is a city requirement before any lawsuit is filed against the city.
    There are hundreds of thousands of people all over the country who are extremely appreciative that you told Mr. Jason Owen to cancel the event.
    However, I feel that, if you had been caring and respectful of the animals, you would have not allowed the donkey roping event to be put on in the first place.
    There are, I believe, enough attachments to the request, to give me adequate legal grounds to sustain a "yes" vote from the council.
    Of course, because I live in San Antonio, I am physically unable to be present at the meeting. However, your ordinance did not state that a requester must be a resident of the City of
    Van Horn. It also does not have a requirement that the requester must be present at the meeting to be heard.
    You may ask yourselves what does a private citizen living hundreds of miles away care about the laws of your city.
    That is a very easy answer. Reverend Tony McCleery of First Baptist Church of Van Horn, and I, have been in extensive conversations together. He and Jason Owen are very good friends.
    Mr. Owen mistakenly believes himself to be a cowboy. Yet the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association does not condone such treatment of donkeys.
    Rev. McCleery has told me that these donkeys are wild. Therefore it is my responsibility as a citizen of Texas to act on my responsibility and insure all animals are treated humanely.
    Donkey Roping, as thousands of people all over the country have informed you, is not humane.
    I trust that if there is anything missing from my attachments to you, you will inform me of this matter.
    Patrick Greene

  11. I challenge all people in Van Horn to contact me before I file the lawsuit against the city, so a judge will order the city to never sponsor an event of this nature, to any animal again.
    contact me, Patrick Greene in San Antonio.