Wednesday, June 20, 2012

One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Donkeykind

Just over a week ago, I wrote a post about donkey roping.  It was read by other bloggers with larger readerships who also took the time to share it and speak out against a real injustice.  It spread to friends and friends of friends, got posted on Facebook and written about by more bloggers.  People all over the world wrote letters and made phone calls, inundating the little town of Van Horn with the message that donkey roping is just not acceptable.  This afternoon, I got word that the Culbertson County Sheriff's office had canceled the donkey roping event because of the public outcry.   

We did it. All of us. 

There is one very important thing to keep in mind however, and that is:  Jason Owens (432-940-9051) still owns these 40 donkeys.  There are still other rodeos and other promoters out there.  PVDR is still ready and willing to take them if he will relinquish them so keep calling. 

The really good news here, is that we have set a precedent.  A precedent that I devoutly hope will be noticed by other towns and other promoters who may be thinking about scheduling a donkey roping event.

We have won a huge victory today.  But, the donkeys still need us.  Jason Owens was right about one thing, these donkeys may well have starved to death if he didn't buy them.  The donkeys need us to come up with ways to educate the general populace about the wonder of donkeys.  They need us to come up with ways of promoting them in a healthy and meaningful way.  They need us to show the world that they are valuable, that they are not cheap, disposable targets for abuse.

You, readers, have proven today that you are a resourceful, determined, intelligent group who has real power.  We have generated a huge amount of momentum and attention, let's keep it going and lets use it! 

Send in your suggestions and ideas.  What do donkeys bring into YOUR life?  How can we demonstrate this to a largely disinterested populace?  How do we show the world that donkeys have value?  Put you thinking caps on folks and let's use what we have created here to give donkeys a giant step forward. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you have done.

And please, take a moment to thank the people of Van Horn who decided to do the right thing:

Mayor: Okey D. Lucas -

Mayor Pro Tem: Gilda Morales -

Alderperson: Mingo Corralez -

Alderperson: Nuny Morriss -

Alderperson: Pam Young -

City Administrator: Fran Malafronte -


  1. Congratulations on getting the event cancelled, the hard work of the donkey-loving community payed off!

  2. This is truly a great day for the donkeys that were going to be involved in the roping. And if Jason is true to his word the longears will be relinquished to Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue.
    It is fair and proper for all to thank those that listened to our views and it is also fair and proper to help PVDR with any donation to provide care for these donkeys.
    And today is a high five day all around for the donkey lovers that united. Oma Linda

  3. Thank you for bringing attention to this...It is a small victory, and I know that the donkeys are not safe until they are out of 'rodeo's' hands. I have sent emails of thanks to the people involved in getting this stopped.


  4. Sue from CaliforniaJune 20, 2012 at 12:47 PM

    Thank you for the original post that brought this to everyone's attention and to everyone that called, e-mailed and signed the petition. And thank you to Van Horn, TX and Jason Owens for doing the right thing for the donkeys. What a great effort and it feels really good. I am writing my thank you e-mails and will be making a donation to PVDR today on behalf of my two loving donkeys.

  5. Just finished emailing my thanks to the folks you mentioned at Van Horn, Tx. Very cool they did not dig their heels in and say to heck with us "bleeding heart animal lovers". I admire their action. And i especially admire your work to provide information we all could use to further the cause. Well done and thank you!!!