Sunday, June 10, 2012

June Skies

The weather has been a bit volatile lately.  Seems like it always is in June anymore, it's the new normal.  Terrible hay-making weather, but interesting to watch.  I took all of these over a single afternoon (Try to ignore the black specks.  They aren't UFO's, just junk in my camera.  The price of having the camera on hand when it's needed:)... 



  1. That's how June was here last year: wet, unpredictable. But this year we got our June (and July) weather in May and got 500 bales off the field. Nice tender stuff. But we NEED rain if we ever want to see second crop.

  2. Beautiful sky's. Our weather crazy here too. COLD! WINDY! If the wind would just quit, it wouldn't be to bad out side....

  3. Great photos! It's way too cool here for our tomato plants, not to mention, corn, peppers, eggplant etc!

    I keep checking in for new of Emma - all the best!