Monday, June 11, 2012

The Best Weed-Eater

Did you know that donkeys make excellent weed-eaters and gardeners?  Just make sure that the plants you want to keep are of a not-so-tasty-variety and let your donkey do the rest.  Might I suggest Periwinkle and Iris to start with.  We have had good luck with them so far. 

All you need is one of these lovely appendages.  It has proven quite adept at selective weeding... 

My weed-eater never needs any pulling, yanking, coaxing or swearing to get started...

There is no need to stress over whether you have gotten the fuel mixed at the proper ratio...

This weed-eater is quiet, cuddly and never runs out of gas.  

Always ready, willing and eager to get to work, this is the very best weed-eater an overworked gardener could ask for:)


  1. Enma doesn't look that faty from the top, as it looks from the front.Happy donkey :)

  2. They do always have plenty of GAS! LOL

  3. i have to comment because i've experienced this now with my own (new) donkey. she actually prefers to seek out brush and weeds or trees than eat the lush grass. it must be that donkeys require more variety in their diets. last night she ate those sticky plants that cling to your hands (no idea what they're called), and whenever i trim my roses, beech, birch, apple, hazelnut trees, the donkey disposes of them so i don't have to! wonderful! she truly is that flintstones character that lives under the sink.

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