Saturday, June 23, 2012

Go Do What Donkeys Do

Remember this little fellow....
This is Emma's baby brother, Dash, looking rather grown up and posing with one of the vet techs at Cornell (or maybe I should say devoted minions).  This photo was taken yesterday at Dash's very last check-up.  His broken leg is completely healed now and he got cleared to "go do what donkeys do".  Which, at the moment, includes being a bit of a brat.  He wants everybody to play with him and something tells me that he doesn't have too much trouble finding willing volunteers:)  It is absolutely amazing that they were able to fix him.  He is one lucky little donkey. 


  1. This is GOOD news, GO DASH!

    Baby donkeys have a "way" with people :-)

  2. Yipee Dash....after your broken leg, being a brat is a given. Whisker kisses, Oma Linda