Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Makings of a Bromance

Albert really has been making an effort to be friends and he has taken a liking to Ramsey.  Ramsey is, of course, a bit unsure about how to handle this.  He is, at least, willing to talk.

Not having grown up with any other boys to play with, Ramsey's social skills are a bit stunted, but Al has not let that stand in the way and he is trying very hard to be friends. 

Ben has decided that Al means no harm to his playmate so the Dragon has gone back to sleep. 

Ben is still undecided about being friends with Al, but I think he will get there.  Ben does not give his affection easily or quickly, but he is very steadfast once it is earned.

Meanwhile, Mr. Einstein is giving Ramsey lessons in art of bromance:  Donkey hugs + neck scritches = bromance squared.