Monday, May 7, 2018

Spring Break

I've been on vacation from work and I had thought I'd finally get caught up on a bunch of blog posts cluttering up my brain, instead, I've barely looked at the computer all week.  Which felt good.  It is Spring, my favorite time of year and I needed time away from "civilization". 

I didn't have any real plans for my staycation, but I have mostly done just that - stayed home and tackled random outdoor projects.  I will try to get caught up since I know I will have to rejoin the world soon, much as I would like to avoid it.  I have another week of freedom so maybe I can still catch up and be ready to head once more unto the breach by the end of it.

The weather has been rather crazy.  Last Monday, I woke up to this...

A day and a half later, on Wednesday, it was 85 degrees and I had to take all the windows out of the barn so my still winter-furry donkeys didn't drop from heat exhaustion. 

Given the sudden heat, I decided to try out a Christmas present from Elva...

She brought me (or rather Connor) a smallish crate to mount on the ATV so I could take him to some of our favorite hiking areas that are too far and dangerous to walk to and have become impassable by car.  I made some changes to the above setup and finally managed to move the tool box to the front and put the crate on the back.  It is not a roomy ride for Connor, but it is secure and safe from the mean dogs we have to pass.  It is only a 10 minute ride so it works.

It may not be a first-class sized seat, but the trip is worth it.

I will try to be a better blogger and I will tell you all about my Tessa/mule baby thoughts soon.  As soon as I get them straightened out enough to write down and actually make a decision. 


  1. My fur baby would love to play in there. Nice spot just to relax and take in. So pretty and calm.

  2. We have a creek on our property and it's a favorite place to go. This is beautiful. I wish ours had larger rocks in it.

    A good setup for Connor. He looks like a happy boy.

  3. My goodness what a super place for hiking. Here in the desert it is just rocks and more rocks. What did Conner think of being put into the crate? And what did he think of the ride? Rebecca2

  4. Just so beautiful in the countryside. Connor looks so very happy. Fun to watch him explore I’m sure.

  5. It looks like Connor is definitely enjoying your staycation! Hope you are taking some relaxation time (and puppy time) too! Enjoy!