Wednesday, November 30, 2016

High Wire Act

I've been trying to teach Connor not to go log-walking.  It's not working.

I worry about him slipping and impaling himself on a branch or slipping and breaking himself.

If I see him starting up a slippery slope and I try to call him off though, he comes to me, but he does it by running forward, farther out onto the ledge.  

I have learned that I should just stand still and be quiet.  I have to call him off before he starts climbing or I just become a dangerous distraction.

One should not distract a high wire act.


  1. I share your concern. I just adopted a German Shepherd from the Shelter. A friend brought over two tennis balls and it seems the dog just loves to play fetch, but his leaps and contortions and switchbacks give me pause. German Shepherds are very susceptible to bloat (the stomach twists over and seals itself off) which is deadly. Hmmm. Maybe I will forego the ball playing. He would be one who would love to do Conner's high wire act, I'm sure.

  2. Connor has natural balance as any good sheep dog has!