Sunday, November 20, 2016

Winter Wins

I tried, but Winter won the race.  Winter always wins in the end.

With the usual help, I did manage to finish mowing the fields, get the snow fence put up and create a  windbreak for the bees.

Ben always stands a few steps back and watches these little projects.  I think he is trying to figure out how he ended up here with all these crazy people.

I hope this will be enough for the bees.  It is getting quite a test today.

Yesterday, it was 60 degrees and sunny.  Today....

We could get over a foot of snow by tomorrow.

Here on lovely Hellwind Hill, it has already drifted two feet deep.

The herd are all tucked into the barn and are refusing to come out for the duration.

Exercise consists of shuffling from one hay net to another.

It's a good thing that some people around here like snow because enthusiasm is at a dangerously low level otherwise.

Mr. Enthusiasm, what would we do without him?


  1. Oh, gosh ...My condolences!!

    Conor is a brave little guy!


  2. Oh wow! We haven't had snow yet but it's coming!

  3. To all the Mr and Miss Enthusiasms of the world: THANK YOU!!

  4. Wow--shocked me. Don't know why it should. Conner is King of the Mountain---errrr---Log.

  5. Ah Ben, it would be so easy to steal you away.