Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ten Times the Fun

To celebrate the first day of Spring I decided it was time to get my wooden work sled out of winter storage.  I foresee work in its future.  I turned my back for just a few seconds to get the ATV out of the way and my helpers rushed right in to 'help'.

Emma was particularly useful.

"I'm just making sure it still works Ma.  You wouldn't want to drag it out of the barn only to find that it needs an oil change or something."

"Yeah Ma, and I need to do a strength test on the strap before you go hauling rocks or some other dumb thing.  You don't want OSHA giving you a hard time right?"  

"Hmmm, I guess it passes....I couldn't chew through it."  Yet.

Donkeys are the most helpful of friends.  Everything might take five times longer, but it's ten times more fun.

Happy Spring!


  1. I totally agree! Love having my donkeys around to help out! Happy Spring back - made nettle soup with leeks and potatoes still in the garden!

  2. well now you know that it has been carefully inspected!

  3. Mother's little helpers have four feet.

  4. That is so true. Donkeys remind us to slow down and check out the world instead of rushing willy-nilly.

  5. Replies
    1. It may be Spring, but it was only about 25 degrees and Ramsey wanted his blankie:)