Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hellwind Hill

I knew it couldn't last.  We only have a couple of inches of snow on the ground, but that is because it is all too busy blowing sideways to settle down anywhere.  We had a high temperature of 13 degrees today with a persistent 30-50mph wind that has not let up in four days. The donkeys have not come out of the barn in all that time. They tolerate a lot of weather, but the wind up here on Hellwind Hill is just too much.  They are not at all happy about it, especially since just last week, they were still enjoying dinner on the patio.

I've been taking some hay out and scattering it all over the field and they had been spending most of their time wandering around looking for all of it, a game they greatly enjoy.

This week, you'll be lucky to see a nose.


  1. I vote with the donkeys, the weather sounds awful. Too bad you have to get out in it to feed them.

  2. Yes, the donks do hide from the wind here too. Thankfully we are not on a hill and we are in a 'hollow' of sorts. 90% of the time they can get out of the wind and relax in the sun.

  3. I'm with the donks on this one! We too have a hellwind hill. Which is GREAT in the summer- it carries the bugs away. But in winter.....yikes.

  4. The darn wind... it would all be bearable if the wind would just stop for a while!