Monday, January 4, 2016

The Winners According to Random Chaos

I tried to get Ramsey and Emma to help me choose winners for the World Famous All Purpose Holiday Fudge. I had it all set up to have them pick names out of the traffic cone, but Tessa came over and snarfed up a whole mouthful of names and ATE them before I could stop her.  Then, in a fit of pique at being left out, Ramsey grabbed the cone, shook it up and down and the remaining names all blew away.  Emma managed to catch one, but it too got swallowed before I could could save it.  Since I am quite sure that none of those bits of paper will be legible when they finally make it out the other end, I had to come up with plan B.

I was going to just give up and go to, but the Border Collie saved the day.  Those obsessive-compulsive BC ways do come in handy now and then.  Connor doesn't hide his treasures the way that Tanner did, but he does arrange them.  It took me a while to figure out how to decipher this code and it still holds many mysteries, but I did my best....

This is what I finally came up with, I hope everyone likes it:

There are two stuffed animals, two bones and two (obvious) sticks so the number 2 comment wins some fudge.  That ends up being Aurora.

There are five toys here (I am not counting the sticks anymore because there are some under the blue rabbit that I can't see and I've already made myself crazy trying to figure out if there are 2, 3 or 4 sticks in this picture so, after stressing over it WAY too much, I arbitrarily decided that sticks just don't count anymore. I hope you will understand.) That makes number 5 the next winner.  Congratulations Rebecca2.

The last one was the hardest to figure out since I still have that darned stick problem, but there are five obvious toys/bones arranged in a perfect triangle so....3x5 = 15, which is C-ingspots

That's what my interpretation of border Collie logic gets you.  Its a bit of a cross between astrology, psychology and theoretical physics.   

To the winners, please send me your address, my e-mail is  I wish I could send you all some fudge, but thank you all for joining in even if you didn't win any this time.


  1. That is great I love it! And it makes perfect sense to me.

  2. Oh how scientific! LOL Love the story though.

  3. Ha, my cattle dog is a toy arranger as well. I'm always in awe when he does a perfect straight line.

  4. You are too much! And I love your logic.

  5. I had to laugh at your ponies, and um ya - pretty sure the names will no longer be legible lol. You came up with a clever solution tho! Email coming your way :))

  6. This just made me smile. :)

    I won the fudge a couple of years ago. Yum. Your winners need to send Connor some great big non-random, thank you vibes.