Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Little Green Man

A couple of years ago, I bought a 4-wheeler from a neighbor whose health was failing and had no need of it anymore.

I was ambivalent about it at first because I have never had any interest in ATV's and was not sure it would be useful.  I had wanted more of a utility vehicle, but the price tag attached to those things is far more than I can manage.

I nearly re-sold the 4-wheeler as it does have some serious limitations.  However, with a sled/trailer/cart/etc behind it, I started finding more and more uses for it.

 Recently, I have started wondering how I managed for so long without it.  There are still many times when I think a utility vehicle might work better for me, but I have found ways to make this do everything they can and maybe a bit more as I think it has more power.

Several people wanted to know where I was leading my little herd off to when I posted this video:

Whenever the weather allows, I use the 4-wheeler, which I have taken to calling the Little Green Man, to take hay far out into the pasture.  I scatter it all over and the equines spend their day wondering around looking for it.  It gets them out moving around and helps keep them entertained.  

I have tried to use the ATV to lead them around, which does work, but it is very hard to get the speed right and I had visions of disaster if something went wrong.  We gave up on that.  However, they all have a fascination for the ATV, especially Ramsey.

I sometimes wish they had a least a small smidgen of fear for it, but they do not.  If I ride it around the pasture, they all follow as if I were the Pied Piper.  Ramsey likes to try to chase it down and bite the back of it.  If I want everyone to get a bit more exercise, I go zoom around the pasture a few times and it invariably leads to a high speed free-for-all.


  1. Maybe you could get a snow plow attachment for the front, to clear that long road into your house?

  2. Guys, I believe she has your number.

  3. I think it's so neat you are keeping them busy!

  4. Our neighbor...well one we used to have did plow with his also, and our new neighbor is getting one as well.
    We have one and hubby uses it for fencing and all sorts of things! Spreading hay looks like it could be fun!

  5. Ramsey is still cute as ever. I sure enjoyed the video.

  6. Got your fudge in the mail last week...oh my, is it ever delicious! It just may be the best I've ever had - seriously. We loved it!! Thank you so much. :)
    We would love to have one of those ATV's for around our place too, but never seem to have the extra funds to get one. I'd prefer what you have, but the hubs would like a tractor. No sense arguing about it - I doubt we'll ever get either one...

  7. We used an ATV for many years, for plowing snow & everything else we could get it to do.
    It finally lost it's 4 wheel drive capacity & a 2 wheel drive is practically useless (at least on snow it is) so we were finally forced to upgrade to a small tractor. Wish we'd done so years ago & left the 4 wheeler for playtime.