Tuesday, July 29, 2014


The little velociraptors over at Farm Buddy's have stated venturing out into the big world.

Turkeys are interesting creatures.

These have definitely imprinted on humans and they follow people about, making inquisitive, little chirping noises, always searching...

"Where's mom?"

"Are YOU my mom?"


  1. oh, so cute! and perfect description of them.

  2. they are real characters! my sister is raising some and when you drive up to her place they run out to greet you, follow you and if you're not quick to get out of the car they'll jump up on it and stare through the windshield. Kind of pesky but fun :-)

  3. I LOVE turkeys and until recently have always had one as a pet. They are so personable, and seem to love the attention of people. One of mine would hop right into any service person, or farriers truck to "inspect" the goods. Are the red ones red bourbons? I've always wanted one, so pretty!!!

  4. I just LOVE turkeys too! Just last night I was thinking I would get some next spring. I like how they are so personable, probably because they are not so bright. Have fun with them : )