Thursday, July 24, 2014

Clear Speaking

Things get so complicated sometimes.  All the tangled webs of human wants, needs and interactions get to be too much.   Even the webs of our own making get swept away in the noise.

The clarity of speech that animals always carry with them in the world is so much easier to deal with.   All I have to do with them is step back, let my mind clear and listen to what they have to say.  As soon as I can stop projecting my own thoughts, emotions and preconceptions onto them, they tell me loud and clear what they want, think and feel.  Once they have what they need, they are equally clear and generous in sharing their contentment and satisfaction.  If only we humans could ever learn to communicate half as well as our "dumb" beasts.


  1. What you wrote is so true. All three animals sharing a hay net -- such harmony in your barn.

  2. You said it so eloquently. So often people 'talk' at their animals, and yes we project feelings on to them which is our nature.
    But to truly hear an animal you have to shut up and do nothing.

  3. OMG - truer words have never been spoken! I absolutely and wholeheartedly agree...people with their many masks, false facades, busy-ness, complicated emotions and needs of being everything to everyone. Simply exhausting!! Animals are honest.

  4. Lovely spot on! I think we humans need to learn to listen more and talk less!