Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I don't know what I've done to anger the Gods of Machinery, but clearly I have.  Please pardon me while I continue to work obscenely hard at getting absolutely nothing done.  If you happen to pass by this way and glimpse a flushed, angry woman beating the hell out of a mechanical device, please just avert your gaze and pass on by.  This too shall pass.  I hope.

In the meantime, can you spot the slightly out-of-place object...
A turkey on the wood pile.

A turtle sailing around the pond on the storm-dislodged straw bale...

The trees knocked down by the same storm yesterday afternoon.  It also knocked out the power and the phone and the lightening hit a lovely tree right next to Riding Buddy's house.  It's still standing, but doesn't look so good.

And, of course, every one of these trees fell on the fence.  Good thing they fell into the woods and I use easily fixable electric fence.  I am going to move the fence and leave the trees to their fate.

Tomorrow, I am going to get the tractor back together or sell it, one or the other.  The car got new rotors and brakes.  It is still making a weird clanking noise, but it has for a while and the mechanic swears it's fine.  At 220,000 miles it's entitled to a few weird noises, time to turn up the radio.  I took the smoke detectors down and ripped out their batteries becaus if they go off at 4 am for absolutely no reason one more time I am going to have to beat them with the ax.  They are very well behaved sitting on the counter.  

Time to go see what the latest storm has brought, the air has cleared a bit and the tornado warnings have expired.  For now:)


  1. Yes we had that storm the other night but we lucky didn't get the damage. I love easy to fix electric wire for that very reason that you can just fix it easily!
    Sorry about the tractor. I bet it is causing you one headache after another.

  2. Boy, you had some weather over there! Sounds like it left you with a lot of work.

  3. oh gosh. you're having a run of it...

  4. Oh goodness! You didn't need a storm on top of everything else. I fought with my lawnmower this weekend - and won! But that was all because I didn't want to take a shower and drive the truck to town for a new one. Funny what motivates us.
    p.s. thanks so much for your bee knowledge. That is exactly what I need and what is not readily available in books. I may come to you personally from now on.

  5. You really deserve to catch a break, lady. Soldier on.

  6. Oh, Kris... I remember being overwhelmed by all of it. I miss things like the turkey on the woodpile and the turtle in the pond the most! I'm glad the storm didn't hit you too badly.

  7. I'm not smiling, really I'm not. Don't come after me with the ax!