Tuesday, February 4, 2014


All this freedom started going to Tessa and Ramsey's heads this afternoon, they were getting just a bit out of hand....

so I caught the two delinquents and made them walk with me and remember their manners.

That gave Emma a chance to sample some delicacies and kick up her heels.  Nothing like a well rotted stump and a bit of a gallop to round out the day.  Yum!

"Hmm, what'd'ya find there horse?"

"C'mon, pull it down just a bit more will ya?  I WANT SOME TOO.  It's not easy being short ya know."

Big snowstorm and more arctic air headed this way.  It might be our last walk for a while.  Do they make snowshoes for donkeys:)


  1. Ramsey has the cutest little furry face. I would just love to pet him!

  2. ha ha good thing they have you!

  3. Nice to see Tessa out & about with the family!!

  4. Well as luck would have it....google came up with this


    Not quite the same thing but still.

  5. Oh such cute terrors together though :-) Those two look like they could get up to all sorts of mischief together!

  6. I remember Ramsey getting rough-housed by Gabe and now he and Tessa are close friends. I think he should start calling her "Tessa".

  7. So glad you got a day out and about before having to get cabin fever again.