Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Day at the Beach

On our one, brief day of sunshine we all decided to head off to the beach for some sun and surf.  Emma and Ramsey were kind enough to demonstrate proper sunbathing techniques:

First step is, of course, appropriate beach attire, stunningly modeled for us here by Emma ,with the entire coat set at maximum poof....

Next step is proper alignment.  Emma shows us the full on broadside while Ramsey goes for the sundial effect.

Once properly aligned and poofed, put the ears in neutral, close your eyes and enjoy the sun.

Of course, a day at the beach would never be complete without a bit of people watching as well.

After a nice snooze in the sun, nothing beats a little dip in the sea...

and a quick stop at the snack bar.

At the end of the day, it's good to head out just a bit early to beat the afternoon traffic....

so that you can get back home and put your ears up for the night.


  1. They are beautiful with their coat at maximum poof.

  2. HAHA!! Brilliant! They look so happy, just chillin'
    You should post that picture of Emma's ears on the "As seen through the Horses Ears" page on FB. Lots of lovely photos from all over the world :D

  3. Put the ears in neutral! This made me smile.

  4. Wow! That last shot is gorgeous. I just love the colours of our donkey's backs, manes and ears. They really are beautiful, aren't they! Your white sands can beat the white beaches in any southern port! ;)

  5. OK, this post is way to darn cute. Emma is just a gorgeous color! I can't believe the snow is up to her knees! WOW!

  6. Just what we are all feeling when Springs warm sunshine finally makes an appearance. We enjoyed it briefly too, but now back to winter (rain...) storms. That last photo of Emma's ears is priceless!!

  7. Your header picture makes me hurt every time I see it! But this was a very good post!

  8. Ah the beach with all its white sand - ha ha! We can dream, can't we? Emma looks to be in good form but gosh that snow looks deep!

  9. Ah Kris that made me laugh so much, loving the beach babes at your place ;-)