Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Guilt Trip

"Hey Ma, we're going for walk today, right?"

"Aw jeez guys, I don't think I have the time.  Besides, it's only 10 degrees and windy, you don't really want to go out today do you?"

"Of course we do and all that running around will warm us up.  See, don't we look cold?  C'mon Ma, we need a walk to warm up."


"Pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase."

"Psst, put you ears down kid, you'll look more pathetic that way.  You look all happy and perky with your ears up like that.  Where's that gonna get us?"

"Sorry guys, we'll try to go out tomorrow."

"Hmmmph, I knew those darned perky ears would sink us.  Danged kid has gotten so big I can't even cover them up any more."


  1. Is Ramsey taller than Emma now?
    They are so cute!

  2. Emma is so sweet in that last picture. Of course, so is Ramsey in all the other pics! I would just love pet them!

  3. So, so cute!!! Your sky is such a beautiful blue, too. That's one of the best things about winter is the color of the clear sky. Ours right now is whitish-gray since we are about to get hit with some winter precipitation blessings. Doesn't happen often so we will cope with the next 24 hours. Thanks for giving us a fun smile this morning.

  4. I love the conversation. Good luck with the weather; I hope the newest disaster, Pax, fizzles or veers out to sea before it gets to you. I don't know what the criteria are for winter storms to be severe enough to be named, but this one is the 16th if they used every letter up to P. I haven't seen a list, but it would probably just be more discouraging to do that. Stay safe. Do you have cleats to put on your boots for extra traction? I wouldn't be surprised if we started seeing commercials for them since the snow and ice just keep coming.

  5. They are both beautiful! :-)

  6. Help me with names. I see from other comments that we've got Ramsey and Emma but who's who.

    1. Ramsey is the dark chocolate donkey, he is about 18 months old now. His mother is Emma, she is three years old. She came to me already pregnant and had Ramsey when she was just 23 months old. Tessa is the horse, turning 6 soon and my border collie is Tanner.

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  8. Oh how difficult to say no to those delightful little faces :-)