Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The secret to success...

Is it any wonder the post office is going bankrupt?  First they cut the hours back on our own little PO so they are only open 4 hours a day.  And, Of course, the 4 hours they are open are just about impossible for me to get to.  No problem, I think, I'll just leave early and make it to the bigger PO on my commute to work.  Unfortunately, I fail to take into account the fact the the state has decided to quit plowing the roads. However, in spite of blizzard-like conditions, I just barely manage to make it to the post office this afternoon at 4:45.  With great relief, I head in and start searching for the right mailers, boxes, etc.

I think all is finally going well when the clerk saunters in.  Before I can even muster a "hello", I am greeted with,

"Just what do you think you're doing?"

"Umm, well, I just want to mail a couple of things.  Hello to you too."

"Hmmph, I don't think so.  We close at 4:45."

ARRRGH!  "You have got to be kidding!  Who the hell closes at 4:45?  Well, you have to at least mail this one thing.  Someone is counting on it."

"Oh, alright, I suppose, as long as it's just one little thing."

"Thank you, and for your extreme trouble, here..."

"Is this...?  Could it be?  What is this?"

"That is homemade fudge."

"REALLY?  I LOVE fudge.  I always try to make it and it never comes out right."

"Well, it can be tricky, just like trying to mail packages from a small town."

"You know, I don't actually have to leave right away.  If you want to get the rest of your stuff packed up I can make sure it goes out tomorrow."

"That would be wonderful, I really do appreciate it.  And here, I've got one last chunk of fudge, enjoy and thank you."  This time, sincerely.

Is it any wonder that everyone falls in love with Ramsey.  Nobody can resist chocolate.


  1. This is a good Christmas story. There aren't many who can resist 'nice' either. :)

  2. Phew, thank goodness you had extra. I have a feeling one of those by-the-skin-of-your-teeth packages was my prize fudge from the giveaway. We will enjoy it all the more for the backstory. :)

  3. Sigh... Glad it all worked out, but yeesh...

  4. Really, who does close at 4:45? Glad you got your fudge mailed!

  5. Our post office did not change hours but did change delivery and pick up. Our mail now runs a day late. Oh and by the way, you are not the only one with GRUMPY postal workers! THEY ALL ARE around here! I swear if they smiled it would crack their face!

  6. For some reason I'm reminded of a business that locked its bathroom doors at 4:45 to make sure their employees worked until 5:00...

  7. The mail in our little PO is routinely late, especially after a long weekend, or around the holidays... or if the gossip is particularly good. Just sayin'. Bribes are essential!

  8. ha ha fudge it...that was funny

  9. Glad you got it done after all the trouble you went to getting to the post office. Sweet Ramsey!

  10. yup, that proves it, the mail man can be bought!

  11. Our post office is pretty good. The service is fantastic, better than FedEx any day. But the hours are horrid of course and it is a chore to stand in line.
    They used to have 2 people work the counter and now, no matter how busy it is, there is only 1 person.

    BUT at least they do get packages to my door instead of leaving them just anywhere.