Friday, December 6, 2013

Just one bite...

Some days, the craving for a little bite of chocolate....

is just too much to resist....

even if you do regret it later.


  1. it's like Ramsey was saying, gosh mom, what'd you do that for? i'm not a bad boy mom. what was that butt munch about anyway?

  2. The "Aw" factor is here for sure ! lol

  3. How cute! It looks mighty cold and snowy out your barn windows! I also want a barn like yours! :) (our house would probably fit into your barn)!

  4. Oh my goodness! That made me laugh.


  5. Love it, I think mom was just asking him to move on over...

  6. Darn kids, they are always in the way ~ lovable as they are!

  7. Thank you so much for writing this delightful blog and including your amazing photos. I love ready about yor donkeys and other critters and their day to day lives. I've been bedridden for a couple of weeks after being knocked to the ground by a zooming mammoth donkey and look forward even more to the latest Dancing Donkey update. Please give those adorable donkeys of yours butt scritches and ear rubs from me!

    1. Thanks Ann, I needed that:) I sure hope it wasn't that cute EB who ran you over? I sure hope you are feeling better soon.

      BTW - would you have any use for Ramsey's outgrown blanket? It is a medium foal blanket, fits a baby standard donkey or a small mini or a foal of course:).