Monday, July 22, 2013

The 'D' Word

"Hey guys, c'mon. We're supposed to be going for a walk, getting some exercise.  And we need to discuss something."

"Yeah, sure Ma, in a bit.  We've decided to help you out and work on the weed-eating.  You're really slacking here ya know."

"Um yeah, that's kind of what we need to discuss.  I appreciate the help and all, but we have to talk about the definition of the 'D' word instead."

"Go for it Ma, you know we're always ready to talk about Dinner....

 We'll just work on these Delightfully Delicious Delectables while you talk."

'"I'm afraid the 'D' word I had in mind isn't any of those and is more of the nasty four letter sort.  It definitely does not include devouring Delightfully Delicious Delectables."

"Well Ma, the wild carrot only blooms for a little while and it's our Duty to Deal with it, so why don't we just save the discussion about that nasty little four letter 'D' word for some other time.  We've got a job to do here and we Donkeys know just how to get it Done."


  1. Wow, you've even got me wondering what the D word is!

    Very clever post :D

  2. These are beautiful photos! Emma and Ramsey look so perfect among the wild carrot.

    The D word is ALWAYS a topic at our house!

  3. Wild carrots! Now, what desert rat would recognize them? Beautiful.

  4. Can't wait to hear what it means... hope it isn't DIET!

  5. I'm with the Donks. Don't like the D word!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  6. Oh no not the D word. Our human is permanently uttering the D word too. Don't humans know that us long ears need to have emergency reserves 'just in case'?
    Keep pickin those weeds while your Ma isnt looking ;-)

  7. Well, you just never know. It might be a cold winter. Fat storage you know. And, besides, you don't want those weeds to go to seed do you? hee hee.

  8. Oh no, the D-word of doom looms! I must say, the Dancing Donkey Duo's D-word definitions are definitely defensible (suddenly I see mountains of chocolate before me). And you are a riot! :D

  9. How cute! What great adventures these two have.

  10. Sweet, beautiful pictures of the mischievous pair.