Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Battling the Forces of Evil

On the agenda this week has been to go from this....

and this...

and THIS, which is horrible, evil, toxic Spreading Dogsbane, spreading everywhere as it's name implies, and simultaneously being choked by the equally/more(?) evil, horrible, toxic Morning Glory.  God help me I don't know which to root for in this battle.  It's too much to hope that they will kill each other off.  It's more likely that the Forces of Evil will join up and form some sort of symbiotic truce and take over the whole farm.  If I ever disappear without a trace, look for me in amongst the Dogsbane.  And don't be fooled by those pretty flowers!

The Forces of Evil inevitably include legions of annoying, nasty varmints as well...

I finally got the Old Red Dragon running again and have been trying to take advantage of the blue sky to do battle with the Forces of Evil...

Dragons like blue sky after all.

All of the above is why I don't mow hay on these fields.  Thirty years ago, they were beautiful hay meadows, but years of neglect left them an ocean of weeds by the time I bought the land.  In this instance, grazing my horses on it has actually encouraged some of the weeds, as the horses eat the grass and not the weeds (thank God!), which encourages the nasty things.  I am hoping that keeping my critters off the fields and in the Pasture Paradise track combined with mowing will help bring the Forces of Evil under control and restore the fields.  I've made it about half way, but heavy rain is once again predicted for tomorrow.  I really do wish it would go off somewhere it is needed as the Old Red Dragon and I have a long ways to go.


  1. First thank you for the heads up on the things to watch for. None of that has occurred and she is back to normal, but will give her more time.

    Can you borrow some cattle to graze there too? I know our small Dexters do a wonderful job at cleaning up most weeds on pastures.
    Mowing each year a couple of times really does help.
    It changed the whole look of the meadow for us.
    We even seeded it with a drill.

    That looks like a lot of work!

    1. Most of these weeds are very toxic, I am not sure if cows would or should eat them. They do do a great job of clearing land though.

  2. Wow, that IS a mess. Good luck in your battle.

  3. I love old red dragon! bet it makes a great sound too!

  4. Ah good luck with the weed battle - it is soul destroying but will be so worth it in the end!

  5. I have the solution! Weed eating goats!!! ;) Good luck, you'll have your fields back in the end! After some hard work:)

    1. I am not sure even goats would eat the Dogsbane and Morning Glory. They are both very toxic. Then again, goats will eat anything....:)