Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cruel, Cruel World

"What in the world has happened to the horse?!?  Ma better not think about doing that to ME!"

"Watch out kid, I don't think it's safe to get near her."

"I wonder if the End Days are really here this time?  I've never seen such an evil, terrible thing."

"Maybe it's the ZombiApocalypse we keep hearing about.  Don't let her get too close, what if it's contagious?"

"Run for your life Ramsey, it's the Pod-Pony!!!!!  Don't let her get near you with that thing!  Run, run, RUN!"

Tessa: "Hey wait for me guys, what are we running away from anyway?"

"We're running from YOU!  I don't know what that thing is, but it can't be good."

"Life was so good an hour ago.  Now, not only am I being starved to death, smothered and tortured,  my donkeys won't talk to me.  I'm being shunned.  How did this happen???  It's such a terrible, cruel world."

The grazing muzzle wasn't exactly a big hit (they never are).  I knew Tessa wouldn't be thrilled and she wasn't, but she is a smart girl and already getting it figured out.  I was a bit surprised by Emma's reaction.  She thought Tessa had been transformed into a donkey-eating monster.  Ramsey couldn't quite figure out what the big deal was and that is the difference between buying a neglected donkey who has not been handled and raising one from birth.  Emma takes some convincing.  Ramsey accepts.

Tessa wore the muzzle for about an hour today until everybody finally started getting used to the idea.  We'll do a bit more tomorrow and the next day, and....Hopefully, the world will get better again.


  1. Oh Tessa. It is all in your best interest! And know that your mom cringes inside when she is being "cruel"... (I imagine, anyway) Very interesting Emma's vs. Ramsey's reaction.

  2. Ah cruel, cruel world.... at least it's not forever Tessa.

  3. Tessa! you and Lucy are kindred sufferers today!!

  4. I wonder if I could get one of those to keep me from grazing through the vending machine?

  5. Donkeys are no 'funny' about anything new in their world. If I wear a hat or sunglasses out in that pasture they stop and stare and snort at me. Did Tessa figure out how to drink with it on? Poor horse not knowing the donkeys were running from her! Di

  6. So Tessa is on a diet or does too much grass cause other problems?

    I need to seriously work out one of my molly mules, she has been getting a bit chubby and had a life of leisure this summer.

  7. Oh poor Tessa.... nasty cruel mum wanting to keep her healthy!!!

  8. Aww, poor Tessa. I remember George's frustration and utter shame when he wore one several years ago, until he learned how to eat faster and more voraciously and gained 50 lbs. No more muzzles for him, even for half days. I have leftover shearling for around the top, if you would like it, Kris, it actually helped a lot and lasts quite a while. Free, of course :)

  9. Tessa's expression in the last photo says it all. My Koda may end up sporting a grazing muzzle one of these days too...