Monday, April 23, 2012

Waiting and Watching

After 4 days of fairly constant progress and changes, Emma has decided to take a little break.  Meaning, no baby yet.  She is spending a lot more time lying down and napping.  Her udder hasn't changed much today.  It is impossible to tell how long she may do this.  The last mare I had who foaled, got to this point and had her baby 2 hours later.  I have also seen mares get to this point and hold out for several weeks.  It is nerve wracking, but all I can do is keep everything as calm and quiet as possible and watch carefully.  

I have moved Tessa into what will be the Donkey Palace and given Emma the whole barn along with her own fenced area on the lawn.  I took the windows separating the barn from the palace area out so that they can talk through the window.  Tessa is a bit jealous and is moping a bit because Emma gets to be on grass and she can't now, but I think it is safest for Emma.  I don't think Tessa would do anything to hurt the baby or Emma, but you never know.  Tessa acts very motherly toward Emma and I can see that she would be a great mom.  I can see that she would like to have a baby of her own.  I have also seen mares, who want to be moms, steal babies.  Sooo, I think visiting through the window is good for now. 

The crystal ball says:  more sleep deprivation for you!


  1. Have you been sleeping in the barn? I know I would be!! I can't wait to meet Emma's little one!

  2. Come ON already Emma. The suspense is killing me!

    sorry Emma - whenever you are ready.

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