Monday, April 2, 2012

Cats, Dogs & Donkeys

Despite the reputation that donkeys have for not tolerating dogs and cats, Emma gets along well with both Tanner and Moss.  Granted, she seems to enjoy antagonizing Tanner over the fence when he is  laying just beyond it waiting for me.  She goes over and bumps him with her nose, he tries to back her off and control her with his high octane, Border Collie glare.  She ignores his glare and stares back, nose to nose.  He moves away down the fence, she follows him.  He lays down with his back to her, she bumps him with her nose.  He could move farther from the fence, so could she.  Neither of them challenge or cross the fence line even though it is just a single strand of electric wire that Tanner can move under at will.  I wouldn't call them friends, but they both seem to enjoy this game.  Tanner and Emma are the two animals on this farm that are the most alike. They are both highly intelligent, independent thinkers and both are jealous of the time I spend with the other.  Neither is thrilled with the others presence, but they tolerate each other and have developed their own odd relationship.  Aside from their fence-line antics, they leave each other alone and don't get into trouble.

The cat however, has just gotten herself into big trouble.  The horses and Emma are fine with the cat even though she routinely annoys everyone.  She is constantly under foot and all attempts to discourage this only last a few days.  Moss was kicked by a draft horse at her previous home and one would think that she would have learned to stay away from hooves by now.  Not so.  My horses generally ignore her.  Emma had been rather fond of her.  She will often nuzzle the cat and let her rub against her legs, she seems fascinated by her and enjoyed her company.  That is until yesterday when the idiotic creature decided to try using Emma's leg as a scratching post.  Emma had a rather abrupt change of heart concerning cats.  She is now thinking that chasing and stomping them might be a better way of dealing with them.  When it comes to this strange cat, I can't say as I blame her.  She seems rather warily willing to give Moss another chance, which is good .  I don't really want Emma to get the idea that it is OK to chase and stomp small animals.  I just hope that for once, Moss can learn from the experience.  If she can't live in the barn, she can't live here and God only knows who would want her. 


  1. Cats. There is just not any way to figure them out. Sometimes they do things that just seem dumb -- and dangerous. I do hope she and Emma work it all out. Emma must be a very smart little girl, to even try and get along with Moss.

  2. OH the dog/donkey stare down! The neighbors dog loves to TRY and chase the donkeys. She runs, barking up to her side of the fence. The donkeys either ignore her or walk over to the fence and give her THE stare. The dog aways gives up first. :-)