Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Fashions

We're all walking around in a cloud of loose horse hair.  Everything I own, even my "good" clothes has bits of red and white clinging to it and I find horse hair in the damnedest places.  I'd say that one of the things that marks the difference between real horse people and wannabes is that the real horse folk don't bat an eye if you hand them a sandwich that has to do a little shedding of it's own before being eaten. 

In the last few days Emma has gotten in on the action as well and has been adding lots of long, dark hairs as well as soft, downy fluff into the mix.   You won't see her in the picture though.  She had come up to get her share of attention (well OK, maybe double her share as usual), but she wasn't thrilled with the cloud of horse hair that was raining down on top of her.  She decided that she had enough all on her own, thank you very much, and made her retreat.   I'm not complaining though, I love Spring and I like seeing my "new" horse emerge each year.  Tessa is roaning quite a bit and it will be interesting to see just what color she is going to be sporting for the season.  You know how important it is to keep up with Spring fashions after all.

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  1. My goats have that fluff coming out all over too. I used to love brushing my horse when I had one. Tessa is so shiny and pretty : )