Wednesday, February 22, 2012

An Overheard Conversation

"So Emma, do you think we should include the new guy in our plots?"

"I don't know Tess, I'm not sure we'd gain anything by it."

"Well, we haven't managed to get into the feed room or out the gate on our own."

"True, but what we need are some opposable thumbs not a big, pink snout like he has.  Just look at that thing will you...
It's about as prehensile as a stump.  He's also got those silly, mismatched ears.  You poor horses have such pathetic, little ears to start with and his don't even match.  Makes me wonder if his brain is entirely right, being out of balance and all.  The boy probably needs an alignment or something."

"Well, it doesn't seem to bother him any and he does have a lot of energy and brute strength." 

"Yeah, tell me about it.  He keeps trying to play 'Chase-the-Donkey'.  I mean really, do I LOOK like a Jolly-Ball?"

"Well, you have gotten kind of round lately and your ears do....well, sorry never-mind, of course you don't look like a Jolly-Ball." 

"Hmmph.  Besides Tess, if he broke out he'd get so excited we'd all probably end up in the next county.  That seems like WAAAY too much work.  What that boy needs is a job."

"You know, I heard a rumor that he's getting shipped off to boot camp sometime."

"Oh yeah? That seems like a good idea.  Maybe they'll teach him some commando tricks or something and when he gets back he'll be able to help out.  In the meantime, I'll think about it and keep an eye on him, you have to be careful of someone with so many spots you know."

"Hey, I have just as many spots."

"Yeah, but yours are red, it makes all the difference.  Those black and white ones, especially ones with mismatched have to keep a close eye on them..."