Tuesday, February 7, 2012


All of a sudden, Emma can't manage to roll over anymore....

"I've got such an itch on my back"...

"Why-O-Why can't I reach that spot any more?...

 "Could someone please explain this to me?"


  1. Enma it's so cute!!!! Why this happened? Is she to fat,or because the age?

    1. Hi Virgina, Emma can't roll over because of her advancing pregnancy. For the whole story read my blog post titled "Worrisome News".

    2. Oh yes!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! I wish you the best and that it comes with no problems.
      You know? when I bought Fiona and her 5 mount old baby Cinamon,they came from I place like Enma was.They arrive very thin and full of parasites also.Fiona even spend most of the time lying on the ground,no energy.Now they're recover,but the vet said she could be pregnant too.I don't know it for sure.But I hope she's not. Cinamon it's now 9 month old, and still taking milk from her.
      Vets here are not very good,so I hope she is just fat.(you can see her in my blog,and may be, tell me what you think of her belly)
      Thanks :)

    3. I finally found your blog, too bad my language skills aren't equal to yours. I couldn't read it, but I enjoyed the pictures. Your donkeys are beautiful. Love the tortoises! I'll have to find some translating software.

      Your Fiona does look kind of round. It could be leftover from her last pregnancy, but if she was with the jack after she gave birth I'd say she probably is pregnant. They generally come into heat 7-10 days after foaling, if there was a jack around she would most likely catch right away. Keep me posted, I'll be very interested to hear what happens. Good luck!

    4. OK, that was just a little scary. I wrote the above comment mentioning the need for translating software, then I went back to your blog to look at more of your pictures and POOF, the Google translator pops up. They really are watching everything we do!

  2. Hey Emma, I know the feeling and I'm not even preggers!