Thursday, February 9, 2012

Guard Duties

Gabe has finally relaxed into his new home enough to enjoy a nice nap in the sun with his friends.  This is the first time I have seen him join the girls for their mid-morning nap.   
Usually, he stands guard while they sleep and he naps late at night.  He takes his guard duties quite seriously, which is a good thing.  There are a couple of very obnoxious dogs who keep coming around trying to pester the horses.  Emma is the most alert of the three and brays a warning if something invades the pasture.  When it was just Tessa and Emma, Tessa became quite protective of Emma and chased them away. Now that Gabe is on duty those dogs don't even cross the fence line.  If Emma cries a warning, he swings into action and woe to any mean dog or coyote who is foolish enough to enter this field. I had been a little worried about Emma as her belly gets ever bigger, but I don't anymore.   Gabe looks out for his girls.

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  1. Wonderful. Wonderful and impressive.
    Best wishes always, em