Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Weekly Belly 2/18/12

The baby seems to be quite active this week, I have seen and felt the little guy moving several times.  If you look close, I think you can see the outline of baby....


  1. You have Emma looking really good I allways got a KICK from feeling the baby move.

    1. Thanks Mel, I keep agonizing over whether I am letting her get chubby, but she seems OK. If I feed her less, she acts really hungry and starts chewing on things and has less energy. So, I think we are doing OK. I also think it is good for her to have a little "extra" before the baby gets here. I definitely get a KICK out of feeling the baby move too:)

    2. Yes, a little "extra" is a good thing. Some jennys put all they have into the foal when nursing and its hard to keep weight on them.