Monday, February 13, 2012

How Not To Greet a Dog

I saw this posted on Facebook this afternoon and I think it should be in every school room in the country.  I also think it applies to horses and donkeys, in fact every kind of animal I have ever met....
Some guy made a snarky comment that he "shouldn't have to teach his 10 year old son about dogs, the dog owner should be responsible for dealing with it".  I absolutely agree that it is the dog owners responsibility to deal with the dog, but isn't it the parents job to teach the kid?

The first thing I tell anybody who comes here is to leave my dog alone, and when he is ready he'll say hello.  It always amazes how many people ignore this and try to get in his face anyway.  The people with children are, invariably, the worst and I don't even try with them anymore.  I simply put Tanner in my car or house where he will be safe from the children. 

Maybe I am getting to be too old fashioned, but it does bug me that people are so ignorant about animals and are unwilling to learn.  Oh well, enough griping.  Although, I did just celebrate my 40th birthday last week, doesn't that mean I get to gripe about how folks nowadays don't know anything about anything and aren't raising their kids right?  It's a prerogative isn't it? 


  1. Congratulations!!!! 40's wooh!!!
    I'm totaly agree with you about parents and children.I'm tired of telling people at the park,with my rescue greyhound:"please ignore her,don't look at her and don't touch"!!
    She's panic to the people.Even that everyone tries to touch her.......

  2. Happy belated birthday! I know what you mean about people ignoring your advice about how to approach your dog. For 4 years (until he died of cancer last October), my rescued chihuahua had challenges with meeting new people. Despite our many warnings, there were a few people who seemed to think they were a "dog whisperer" and THEY would be the one to reform my dog after a few minutes of meeting. I had to become a lot firmer and realized my job was to protect Rusty from them, from THEM putting him in a situation that would be detrimental to him. Good for you for taking control of the situation! Love your blog, by the way.
    Rachel in Ontario

  3. Well, you're still a bit young - but you're wise for your age, so, yes, it's a prerogative. ;) Especially when you're right! Happy birthday!

  4. God may I go back to 40 !!!!!! Love your blog.

  5. I have always told my kids to never get in an animals face. Even ones we know. I have always demanded that they ask the owner of the pet for permission to approach and/or touch a dog. May not have always worked but I did my best with them regarding that issue. It's not just the dog owner but the parents responsibility to teach our children the correct way to approach any animal. The new anchor that got bit in the face. She should have known better than to get down into that dogs face. It's my opinion that it was careless of her to do that.

  6. Actually, the advice applies to the treatment of babies too, some folks have no sense of personal space. Okay, some folks have no sense.