Monday, October 17, 2011

Who's Training Who

This is something I posted for my Facebook friends but wanted to share here as well...
Since I have had Emma (3 weeks now) she has learned how to lead, pick up her
feet and come to me when I call her. I have a little (3x4') wooden sled/bridge
that I use to teach my horses to walk over bridges and pull sleds. Yesterday I
played a little "game" with Emma to teach her to walk over the "bridge". I
stood on one side of it and called her to me, when she went around it I moved to
keep it between us. After about 2 minutes of this ring-around-the-roses game
she stepped onto the bridge, got a big hug and a treat and then walked over
whenever I asked.

Fast-forward to this afternoon...I am trying to get a carpentry project finished
and I am working just outside of the pasture fence. Emma, of course, wants me
to be INSIDE the fence with her where I belong. With some effort I manage to
resist her charms and get to work. After a little while I hear a little tapping
noise and I turn around to see Emma standing on the bridge, very gently tapping
her foot on it to get my attention. As soon as I looked at her she stopped
tapping and whuffled at me saying "see Ma, I am on the bridge, where's my
treat?" It certainly worked as I couldn't resist going in and giving her a big
hug and telling her what a wonderful smart donkey she is. Who is training who I

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