Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy hoof trimmings

Trimming the horse's feet may seem like a routine and dull endeavour but I am hopeful that our successful hoof trimming this afternoon is an indication that Tessa is improving.  I have not been able to trim her hind feet for several months now because of her injuries.  Fortunately, her hind feet are about as perfect as horse hooves ever get and need very little in the way of trimming anyway but they do need the occasional buffing.  Today, I was able to trim both of them for the first time since I found out that her spine was damaged.  I choose to believe this means that she is recovering. 

Emma also got her very little, tiny, donkey feet trimmed as well.  She had never had her feet or legs touched before coming here.  While her feet were in no way overgrown like those of her poor parents, they were long and just beginning to curl up at the toe and under at the heel. The only thing that kept them from being far worse is that she just isn't old enough to have developed serious problems.  Since I first had to teach her to let me handle them and since I am very slow at farrier work, it has taken a bit to get them where they need to be. 
I think they are starting to look pretty good.  I am going to have a professional come out in a couple of weeks to make sure that I am doing things right.  I have never worked with donkey feet before.  They are soooo tiny!

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