Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Seven Sons

Today is Tanner's 9th birthday along with his 6 litter-mates, ALL boys. I've got a nice fresh marrow bone from our own grass-fed beef  waiting for him in the freezer.  Tanner is, of course, the pick of the litter but his brothers turned out OK as well.  My best friend and I got puppies from the same litter and we both greatly enjoyed watching them grow up together.   He still sees his brother Scout at least four days a week as Tanner spends his time over at my friend's place when I am off earning our keep. 

Scout may not quite measure up to Tanner's perfection (at least in my totally unbiased and humble opinion) but he does OK too.

Happy Birthday!
Tanner, Scout, Gyp, Dru, Moss, Pip & Beck

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